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Exclusive limited-edition PEACE tee line!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

We are glad to let you know that UCCA Georgia is partnering with Big Peach Running Co. in launching a new exclusive limited-edition PEACE tee line!!

Big Peach Running Co. is a locally owned and operated retailer serving the needs of metropolitan Atlanta's ever-growing community of runners and walkers. The Company decided to join the circle of Friends of Ukraine, who help Ukrainians recover from the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian attack. 100% of the proceeds from the PEACE tee will be presented to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (Atlanta branch) in April and immediately directed to the most urgent and vital requests from Ukraine.

This limited-edition tee is a great way to make a statement AND make a difference! Secure a tee for yourself or your friend online before it is sold out! Pre-Orders only (thru April 11)

We are thankful to American businesses and the American people for your support and always open to new collaboration opportunities.

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