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UCCA-Georgia Branch Initiatives to Help Ukraine. Live interview with Dan Smigrod.

  1. What is the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (and Georgia Branch)?

  2. What is the UCCA Georgia Branch (Pre and post Russian invasion on 24 February 2022)

  3. Goals of UCCA Georgia Branch such as fundraising (and why); Call-to-Actions, public opinion

    1. The New York Times Magazine on Sunday (4 September 2022) reports “... Russia’s war on Ukraine enters its seventh month and the world’s interest in it inevitably diminishes…” [article about the destruction of the Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theater in Mariupol]

    2. The New York Times reported today (Thursday, 8 September 2022) that in a global poll of 21,400 people in 22 countries "only 22 percent of respondents in the United States listed Ukraine as a top three global issue, despite enormous American financial and military aid for Kyiv."

  4. Examples of Atlanta Events (art/music festivals, fairs, concerts, rallies, independence day)

    1. Money raised for Ukrainian

    2. Uses of money raised (501(c)3

    3. About the recent Ukrainian Independence Day Celebration in Atlanta (Sun 21 Aug 2022)

    4. About the Ukrainian Culture and Education Center (10 am Saturday, 10 Sept 2022)

  5. How can schools, volunteer groups - or companies - help? 501(c)3

  6. Traditional Ukrainian clothing (vyshyvanka) and folk wreath

  7. Message to Ukrainians in Ukraine (in Ukrainian and then in English)

  8. How can photographers help? post-Russian

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