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The Mothers March took place in Atlanta, Georgia

The Mothers March took place in Atlanta, Georgia

On April 2, in Atlanta, Georgia, a peaceful march of women took place as part of the general “Stand with Ukraine” rally - a peaceful march in support of Ukrainian women who have been forced to flee their homes to other countries.

The Mothers' March brought together more than 100 Ukrainian and American mothers.

The mothers walked through Olympic Park holding dolls in bloody sheets, symbolizing hundreds of children’s deaths at the hands of the Russian military. The ladies sang a lullaby for children who would never hear it again.

The participants of the Stand with Ukraine rally created an installation in the form of a mass grave of torn children’s dolls and other toys.

The purpose of the march is to draw the world's attention to the horrible tragedies of so many Ukrainian children due to the purposeful indiscriminate Russian military aggression towards civilians that amounts to war crimes.

"Americans support Ukrainians with their actions: by coming to rallies, sending letters to their congressmen demanding continued help for Ukraine with the necessary weapons to protect civilians and children. Also, for providing humanitarian aid and transferring money to support ordinary people in Ukraine," said Olga Gorman. “The Mother’s March in Atlanta. – with participation by the Ukrainian community together with Atlanta residents, helps Ukrainians significantly. In this city live people with big hearts who pray and donate time and money for Ukraine and change the world with their love!”

The Mothers' March is taking place around the world for the third week in a row. Peaceful rallies brought together thousands of women in major cities in America and Europe. The participants of the march spoke about the suffering and death of Ukrainian children in the squares and streets of New York, Atlanta, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Brussels, Milan, Paris, Sultzmat, Larnaca, Paphos and Nicosia. In some cities the rallies have already taken place in 2 or 3 previous weeks. The Mothers' March attracted the attention of many of the world's leading media. Ukrainian women brought their stories of the suffering of Ukrainian children and Russia's war crimes to millions of people around the world.

The rallies will continue, expanding to new cities every week. Mother's Marches are currently planned in Bratislava, Bucharest, Krakow, Istanbul and other cities around the world.

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Women and Mothers of Ukraine

Olga Gorman

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