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UCCA GA Expenditure report of the Fundraiser for the period 02/24/22-09/10/22

Dear All,

Please see attached file with the UCCA GA Expenditure report of the Fundraiser for the period 02/24/22-09/10/22.

As you know, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February, 2022. UCCA GA reacted immediately and started a Fundraiser to help Ukrainians to defeat the enemy.

We have successfully raised slightly over $400K and allocated them per the received requests or Board’s decisions accordingly. Enclosed file contains the date of the wire, name of the money recipient, comment with the purpose of a donation and the amount.

We assure you that every dollar donated to this cause was included in the attached report. 100% of the donated money was directed to help Ukraine since UCCA Georgia Branch does not have salary expenses and all work is done by the volunteers.

We have started a page on our website where we saved most of the received Thank You Letters or invoices paid. Please refer to the page following the link Reps (

Also, please check out this short video to visualize how our donations work in Ukraine. All pictures and videos have UCCA GA copyrights and were sent to us directly by the recipients of our help or UCCA GA Board member Andriy Sarantchuk that is currently in Ukraine.

The war is still going and we have no right to stop helping Ukrainians in this brave fight for their freedom!

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